Welcome to Engineered Learning

We provide accredited work experience in steel fabrication and welding, to pre-16 school students…

Key skills young people gain with us are in welding and steel fabrication. We offer nationally recognised BTEC and AIM Awards qualifications.

Engineered Learning is an independently owned engineering training provider. Since its conception in 2012 it has delivered client focused learning in a number of different frameworks and styles. Our company name was conceived to encompass all aspects of tailored learning.

  • We are an alternative education provider offering school age students the opportunity to train with us. As each students engineering skills improve, they can achieve nationally recognised BTEC qualifications.
  • Educational courses are frequently designed to achieve a pre-determined set of learning outcomes in order to satisfy funding criteria or national curriculum objectives. Examples include building self-confidence, developing a positive self-image, working with others, developing team skills and raising motivation


Concentrated efforts have been made to incorporate team-working skills into the delivery of all learning, as the identity and the ethos of our brand becomes more clearly understood by its instructors and the end user.
Below are comments taken from a local authorities quality assurance inspection report.


Students learn exceptional skills at this provision and make outstanding progress over their time here. Students learn to weld, grind and use various drilling machines. Students are working towards a level 1 qualification in Engineering. Most students here are assessed as working at Entry level and therefore are making very good progress.

Behaviour and Safety

Students love to learn, have high standards, conduct themselves very well throughout the day and are extremely proud of their work. Behavioural incidents are very rare and staff have the expertise to control situations through their youth work skills. Behaviour appears to improve with time. All students and visitors are given an extensive safety introduction and safety is at the forefront of this provision. This provision is very well respected amongst another Commissioning Team and our Derbyshire staff.

Overall Effectiveness of the Provision

Teaching, behaviour, and safety are outstanding. Attitudes to learning, student knowledge and future preparation are also outstanding. Achievement is good. Expectations in terms of learning and behaviour are outstanding due to the ethos of the provision. Physical well-being is addressed.

Key Strengths

  • Staff are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in their area of expertise due to working in the industry for many years. Staff are also youth work trained and can offer personal support and guidance to our vulnerable students
  • Support and intervention is immediate and ensures that all students are working correctly and with positive feedback instantly.
  • Students work on different tasks throughout the day and the tasks are differentiated extremely well.
  • The ethos of the provision is outstanding. All staff are very enthusiastic about the provision and this is highlighted in the student behaviour, work and attitude. Expectations are extremely high and students are rising to the challenge.
  • Student behaviour and attitudes are outstanding.  Behaviour improves over time at the provision.
  • Students are proud of their work and keen to show visitors their achievements.
  • Students are learning very well and most have outstanding knowledge and skills.
  • Safety is paramount and all students respect this.
  • Attendance is good. There are a few absences due to the nature of our students, however, those that attend are keen to work through break times, are punctual, do not have to be asked to begin work and work until the very last minute of the day.
  • The provision will prepare students very well for future training in this area and produce hard working, well-mannered and skillful young people.


Better results are achieved when you’ve been Engineered!